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LEES SUMMIT, Mo. — He’s already won a Super Bowl and now he can add another title to his list: high school football coach.

Tyreek Hill began his job as assistant football coach at Lee’s Summit North this year, and he says it’s what he wants to do when he’s done playing in the NFL.

“Coaching has always been something that I always wanted to do ever since I was a kid, you know, because my dad, he kind of coached me,” Hill said.

Jamar Mozee, the school’s head football coach, was in disbelief when he was contacted by Hill’s agent about the job.

“I was moving into my new house here in Lee’s Summit and right after I got done moving in, I was exhausted and I checked my e-mail and I got an email from an agent. I called the number, and I didn’t know if it was a joke,” he said.

The agent was Drew Rosenhaus and the player interested in coaching was the Cheetah. 

He’s fast on the NFL field, but on high school, he takes his second job of assistant football coach very seriously.

Mozee says he’s had no problem fitting in.

“He doesn’t come in there like he’s an All-Pro, Pro Bowler or top 20 player in the league. He just comes in and he’s a coach. He’s a good communicator. He talks to them, and at the same time, gets on them. I’ve been very impressed.”

Mozee welcomes Hill, not only for his football knowledge, but off field lessons as well.

“Playing is not coaching. Every kid is different, every kid is different. You can’t put them all in one box. That’s why the relationship piece is so important.”

As one of the few Black head coaches in the Suburban Conference, he’s proud his staff reflects the culture of his team and tries to get Black men involved in coaching. With Hill on board, they both want to encourage their players to reach for college football, but also be leaders of their community.

“Yes, we love playing football, but it’s what you do outside of football that makes you who you are, so that’s why I love coaching so much,” Hill said.