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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In newly released court documents, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. denied allegations from the mother of his son after he was arrested and charged for criminal damage to property last week.

Gay was arrested on Wednesday, Jan. 19 after his ex-girlfriend called the police when he was visiting his son and threw her phone, a vacuum cleaner and a humidifier. They’re all allegations Gay denied in an interview with police.

According to court documents, Gay’s account of the events that night are different than what the woman, who FOX4 is not naming at this time, described.

Gay told police that he was invited over to visit his son and while he was on the couch holding him, his ex-girlfriend began telling him he wasn’t a good father.

He then told police that she was on the phone with someone and told them that he was not a good father.

She told Gay to leave and he asked why, then offered to leave in 10 minutes. In Gay’s account, he told police that she refused to let him stay 10 more minutes and threatened to call police.

Gay became upset after realizing she called police. Court documents say he told police he yelled at her and threw the vacuum cleaner at her bedroom door.

The 23-year-old denied being physical with his ex-girlfriend, which she accuses him of doing, and said he did not take the phone our of her hand, according to court records.

In court last week, Gay pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is expected to appear again on March 2.

Last week, a judge also granted the woman a temporary protection order, which is in effect until a final order is served or the court terminates it. The court has ordered him not to have contact with the boy’s mother.

A hearing over the protection order is scheduled for Feb. 1.