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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was quite the ending for Kansas City Chiefs receiver Skyy Moore in his rookie season, winning a Super Bowl to top it off.

But, it wasn’t always smoothing sailing for Moore, who had a few struggles at the beginning of the season.

Moore came from Western Michigan where he put up solid numbers with 95 receptions for 1,292 yards and 10 touchdowns in 12 games his junior year before declaring for the draft.

So with Moore not getting many snaps to begin the season and playing behind multiple receivers, he knew he had to adjust.

He also had issues handling punts at the beginning of the regular season, muffing multiple.

But, the rookie did not become phased.

“You come in as a rookie, you get drafted second round, you want to be the best you can be,” Moore said in his YouTube series, “Before Your Eyes.” “You want to be Rookie of the Year, get all the accolades, and all the accomplishments and all the recognition but that’s just not how it went for me this year, I came to a Super Bowl team.”

Moore had to learn to adjust to the Chief’s winning culture while also taking a backseat.

“I had to learn the way Kansas City did things. They didn’t really need me to just jump out there and be the guy.”

The way the Chiefs do things wasn’t a necessarily fast process for Moore either.

“It took me a little minute to learn it too, like the whole offense and the way the coaches want things done and the way Pat [Patrick Mahomes] want things done, but I probably had to hang it out by the fourth, fifth game, ‘Like okay, now I’m tapped into the culture.'”

Those times at the beginning of the season helped him and even gave him a boost to his confidence.

“I really feel as confident as I’ve ever felt,” Moore said.

“I felt like I needed that and that was part of my process. And if they showed me anything, they showed me, like, when you come here, ain’t nobody above the process to a Chief. And you see that’s why we are where we are and that’s why we gone go where we gone go. Next year’s gonna be crazy.”

Moore’s confidence was apparent in the playoffs where he played his best football of the season.

His 29-yard punt return against the Bengals late in the 4th quarter of the AFC Championship was key in putting the Chiefs in a prime position for Harrison Butker’s game-winning field goal.

He also scored his first touchdown of the year in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to put the Chiefs up 35-27 on a four-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes.

Moore built tons of momentum going into his second season and is expected to have a bigger role in the offense and take a leap in production.