GLENDALE, Ariz. — Chris Jones has been an instrumental part in the Kansas City Chiefs path toward a dynasty.

During his postgame interview, he credited head coach Andy Reid and QB Patrick Mahomes following Kansas City’s Super Bowl 57 win.

“Patrick is a dawg. We gotta stop comparing him and just accept it,” Jones said. “Sometimes he does things so special that becomes normality for him.”

Mahomes also seemed to reinjure his ankle after getting tackled in the second quarter, but Jones knew Mahomes would elevate his game when he saw him hobbling off the field.

“I knew it was blood in the water. Pat is the type of competitor that if he’s hurt or if he’s sick, he wants to come back and show everybody that I’m even better now,” Jones said.

Jones says Reid is where Mahomes gets some of that toughness from.

“I think that trickles down from Coach Reid. Coach Reid is the type of coach you’ll never see hurt, you’ll never see sick. Even if he is sick, you won’t even know it,” Jones said.

“I think one time he had to get the hospital to take him from the game. Didn’t nobody know and he was at work the next day. He had the schedule out in work the next day. That just trickles down, the type of coach Coach Reid is, the type of player Pat is and it’s the type of organization we have here.”

Jones was a force to be reckoned with all season as he continually been one of the best defensive tackles in the league.

The Super Bowl win caps off year where he was a Defensive Player of the Year finalist and earned his first first-team All-Pro selection.