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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The trash talk before tomorrow’s AFC Championship game made its way up to the mayor’s office.

Now, posting a troll video to Twitter, Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval is backpedaling.  

“It’s amazing, we waited a long time to get this far, so you can’t take that away from us,” one Chiefs fan that traveled from Cincinnati said.

“I’m excited because we haven’t been to five of these in a row, I mean frankly I’m excited,” one Bengals fan said.

Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval had a more regretful tone one day after sending out quite the troll video to his thousands of Twitter followers.

Insinuating that Joe Burrow was Patrick Mahomes’ father.

“Well, I certainly learned a lot, I shouldn’t try to be funny,” Mayor Pureval responded.

“Now what he said, his words, yeah I think he’s probably regretful and I’m even sorry for that cause that’s not who we are. I think it kind of stepped across the line a little bit,” another Bengals fan said.

“In a way, I think we already won as a city, and I think when you look at where we are today, I’m proud of what we are doing and how we’re growing,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said.

The Chiefs got their revenge on Cincinnati, defeating them 23-20 in the AFC Championship, punching their ticket to Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix, Arizona against the Philadelphia Eagles

Travis Kelce called out Mayor Pureval after his comments.

“I got some wise words for that Cincinnati mayor: know yo role and shut yo mouth, you jabroni!” Kelce exclaimed.