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KANSAS CITY, Mo — The song “Run it Back” back has become the theme song of the Kansas City Chiefs push for back-to-back Super Bowl wins.

From the first strum, Chiefs fans know “Run it Back,” written and performed by a man from Arkansas who now lives in Nashville with roots in Chiefs Kingdom.

“My Grandpa always had the Chiefs on the TV. If they were playing he always has Chiefs jersey on,” Blane Howard said. “Matter of fact, when I was a kid, we flew to Disney World and he had his Chiefs jersey on on the plane talking to just random people about the Chiefs.”

“Run it Back” gained momentum online among Chiefs fans, but it was when the Chiefs organization contacted Howard for permission to play it at Arrowhead during the AFC playoffs that he knew it would be a hit.

“It was played in the stadium against the Browns in the third quarter,” Howard said. “It was pretty cool for me to be watching the game and to hear it like coming through my TV screen. That was really cool.”

The song exploded after that. Fans created their own videos of Howard’s song, including students at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Easton, Kansas.

“It was really cool that like, they had some really creative things in that video,” Howard said. “Like at the beginning, they’re all taking their temperature like they’re, you know, testing for COVID, but the little Chiefs logo would pop up and say, ‘No Tampa fans here.”

Howard recently met the students on a zoom call, a highlight for the singer/songwriter.

“I’m really anxious for COVID to be done. Not only so that I can get back to playing music but so that I can go visit them in person,” Howard said.

Howard wore a Travis Kelsey jersey in many of the videos of “Run it Back” as well as during our FOX4 interview, so we asked if he had a message for the Chiefs tight end.

“You’re the best man, just just keep it going,” Howard said. “You guys know what to do we we have all the faith in you guys.”

Howard has not been touring during the COVID-19 pandemic, but is excited to be going to Tampa to play at a socially distanced Super Bowl tailgate.