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RAYTOWN, Mo. — Right now, more than ever, anything “Chiefs” might as well be golden. Now, Crane Brewing in Raytown is canning a special Chiefs-themed beer with a boost for a charity important to the Kingdom.

The beer is called WIN – What’s Important Now, and 25% of all proceeds will to towards the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. 

Nearly 5,000 cans of beer are filling up and shipping out — all marked with the message of ‘WIN.’ Crane Brewing says right now what is most important is helping others. 

“I think for a lot of people, it’s anything we can to bring us together and share something special. At least in Kansas City, we’re fortunate that’s going to be a huge game coming up pretty soon,” Crane founder Christopher Meyers said.

The quarterback’s organization works to help improve the life and health of children. Meyers is not partnering with the organization but donating proceeds to the foundation. Myers says he hopes fans not only like the beer, but know they’re also doing something kind at the same time.

“We hope it’s something people are really enjoying. We know people are going to be drinking this beer throughout the city — especially during the game, and leading up to the game, and that’s really cool,” Meyers said.

Brewers describe it as a dry hop ale, bright, with citrus and other fruity notes, but not too out there. 

A representative with 15 and the Mahomies says they appreciate the support and donations from local businesses that help fund their mission.

If you want to order WIN you can find it on Crane Brewing’s website. You can order a six-pack for $10 or by the can for $2.