Crews hit the concrete, cleaning up the mess left behind from Chiefs victory celebration

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When you host a party for a few hundred thousand of your closest friends, things are bound to get a little messy.

For the Kingdom, there was no shortage of beer, booze, confetti and more as fans came to celebrate the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

But now a new party is underway.

“We take pride in this effort,” Daryl Baker said.

He’s leading his men down the streets, cleaning up the mess left behind.

Just hours after the celebration ended, a new team hit the concrete, cleaning and clearing the streets from the leftovers of the Parade of Champions, including some 300 cardboard trash receptacles.

“What we did was we started at the north end, and we’re blowing all of the confetti and bigger items into the center of the street,” Baker said.

He said restoring Grand Boulevard won’t be easy. They’ll have crews working all night.

“Our first (shift) is going to be scheduled from 3 to 11,” Baker said. “Our second one will run from probably 11 to 7 in the morning, so we’re looking at 16 hours of clean-up.”

The city’s Public Works Department will start taking down a number of signs that were posted for the parade on Thursday morning. It’s work that’s expected to take up to 13 hours.

As crews sweep and scoop away the piles of celebration left behind, even Mayor Quinton Lucas took to Facebook to encourage everyone to thank crews for cleaning up the mess.

“Cleaning up the confetti and the things that are left behind because we want to restore it like it was before or even more beautiful,” Baker said.

He said it’s worth it — if he’s invited to a party like this every year.

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