KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs fans tailgating ahead of the game versus the Philadelphia Eagles were clearly fired up Monday afternoon despite the drizzly weather.

FOX4 hit the parking lots, hearing a lot of reflections on Super Bowl LVII leading into the rematch that evening.

Fans shared feelings on how, over the past nine months, the Chiefs have become even more of a phenomenon globally. Meanwhile, some season ticket-holders said they’re just doing what they’ve always done.

“Did you hear the story about the cooler?” Felicia Grew asked.

“He was making chili, and I was driving the cooler,” Makayla Naudet said.

“I crashed into the table that all of his chili was on, and the chili went overboard,” she added.

“We all helped clean it up, and then we got to know each other. And we’ve been doing it ever since together,” Grew said.

That event happened five years ago. Since then, other fans note how it’s been a wild ride for Chiefs Kingdom.

“We had it wrapped, did everything in Texas,” Don Emerson said of their party bus named “Big Red.”

“So when we was driving from Texas here, we either got waved at or flipped off,” Emerson added.

“Defense looks good. They’ll shut down Philadelphia. Mahomes, they’ll start clicking. It’s a scheme thing. You know, it’s all new. He doesn’t have one receiver that he can key, so they’ll get some touchdowns today,” Emerson said.

The green of Eagles jerseys were easy to pick out in the crowd.

“I had my options. I made sure to pack [Jason] Kelce,” Eagles fan Ken Kehler said.

“I think this is going to be an awesome rivalry for the next couple seasons, the next couple years. It’s kind of a family. You’ve got Andy Reid mixed in. You’ve got the Kelce brothers. You’ve got to throw Taylor Swift in there as well. So I think they’re kind of linked together for the time being,” Kehler added.

“I’ll just show you which one is home of the hotter brother,” Naudet said, lifting her sweat-shirt to show her Travis Kelce pride.

“I love Donna Kelce. I want her to be my mom. No offense against my mom. I do love Donna,” Naudet said.

“I see my quarterback working miracles with nothing. He’s like Jesus feeding the 5,000 with two loaves of bread, bro. That’s my quarterback, man. We got this,” Sean Grew said.