Excited Browns fans traveling to KC amid pandemic for Chiefs playoffs game: ‘It’s just worth it!’


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs fans have a lot of confidence going into this Sunday’s divisional round against the Cleveland Browns. But some are a little worried for a different reason, particularly about who’s traveling to get in the city and in the stands.

This Sunday, Arrowhead Stadium will allow about 16,000 fans inside to cheer on their team in the second round of the NFL Playoffs. The majority, of course, will be Chiefs fans, but some “Brownies” are making the trip from Cleveland. 

“Here we go, Brownies, here we go!” Eric Wengryniuk shouted during an interview with FOX4. 

Like a dog with a bone, Wengryniuk wants a win for his beloved Browns.

“Browns are coming to shock the world,” he said. 

His family is driving more than 11 hours to see this team in action at Arrowhead. And not only did he pay more than $500 for a ticket, this game is going to cost him two weeks in solitary living. 

“It’s just worth it!” Wengryniuk said.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Ohio recommends anyone who travels to Missouri quarantines when they get back.

Wengryniuk said all those previous losing seasons have prepared him for the challenge of two weeks of isolation.

“The quarantine’s very challenging, but watching an 0-16 football team was very challenging as well,” Wengryniuk said. “I want to embrace the opportunity that we have to go watch my team to play in the biggest game that we’ve been in, in a long time against a great team.”

Some in Kansas City have concerns about out-of-staters coming to town — not because of the jerseys they’ll be wearing, but because of the germs they’ll bring with them during a pandemic. 

Still, many people FOX4 talked to Wednesday said it can be a win-win, as along as everyone follows COVID-19 guidelines.

“I’m sure everyone is doing a good job if they go out, run around, keep their face mask and just keep their distance,” Chiefs fan Erika Ray said.

“I think it should be OK,” Chiefs fan Morgan Ray added. “A game like this should be celebrated as safely as possible.”

“I totally understand,” Chiefs fan Jordan Lawson said. “It’s a pretty important moment. So I guess if you take all the right precautions and everything, I understand. I feel for them, but you know, it’s going to be a tough game when they have to come here to play Kansas City.”

Lawson said the Browns can try, but we all know Arrowhead is among the loudest stadiums in the NFL.

Fred Bissler, president of the Browns Backers fan club in Kansas City, said he’s talked to a couple dozen Browns fans coming to town for the game. 

“We’ll be at the Quaff,” Bissler said of the downtown KC bar.

Every Sunday, he said, they cheer on their team at the Quaff — safely and socially distanced. This week will be no different. 

“They keep their rules pretty tight, and they’ve got to. There’s some liability issues,” Bissler said. “I don’t want anybody getting sick because we’re in the playoffs and going to the game.”



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