KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs are back in action this Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers, and Arrowhead Stadium will no doubt be packed with fans of all ages.

That includes a group of older friends from Georgia who are quite the cast of characters. 

If you’ve heard of “80 for Brady,” which tells the story of four older friends who take a trip to the Super Bowl to see Tom Brady, this group of gals is just like that — only replace Tom Brady with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Would they call their thing for No. 15 and No. 87 a crush? Carol Delaney, a member of the Atlanta Fab Four, would say yes.

“School-girl crush? Definitely a school-girl crush. We’re not too old to have school-girl crushes … if we remember back that far,” she said Friday.

Barb Tobias (77), Carol Delaney (79), DeeAnna Reano (78) and GayLynn McManus (65) are major Chiefs fans, especially fans of Mahomes and Kelce.

They live in Atlanta, Georgia, and three of the four women are in Kansas City for the very first time this weekend with tickets to their very first Chiefs game on Sunday. It’s something they’ve been planning for months.

“So excited! We’re so excited,” Tobias said.

So FOX4 thought, what better way to get the Chiefs experience than by stopping by the Rally House on the Country Club Plaza?

“Oh look, look girls! Woohoo!” That was their first reaction when coming upon a shirt of Travis Kelce, one of the first things they laid their eyes on. They also found a few other items.

“Oh, here’s my margarita mix, girls,” Reano joked while holding a 40-ounce drink holder.

The group said they don’t have a store like Rally House in Atlanta, and they vowed to come back later and spend a lot of money. 

Something Rally House could consider selling is a bedazzled Chiefs long-sleeve shirt that the Atlanta Fab Four designed themselves. They found some sparkly Chiefs logo earrings and bedazzled Chiefs hats to go along with their homemade outfits.

“The bling earrings! Oh, we should all get those!” one woman said.

Of course, we mentioned they have a thing for Kelce and Mahomes, and if they can’t meet them in-person, well, there’s other ways.

The ladies got to see a picture of the two players high-fiving on the field.

“Oh, I love it. This is great,” one said. “[Barb] likes the tight pants and the view, too!”

Friends for nearly a decade, they’re not shy about anything, and we can only imagine what this weekend has in store for them. But at the heart of it all is their friendship, sharing in life’s moments together as three of the ladies will soon turn 80 years old.

“I mean, my God. Just because we’re old and can’t walk, can’t see, can’t hear? Hey! We’re still going to have a good time, right?” Tobias joked.

The Atlanta Fab Four will be tailgating before Sunday’s game. They hope some Chiefs fans will welcome them aboard and show them what a Sunday at Arrowhead is supposed to look like.