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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — C.D. Nelsen was discharged from the hospital Sunday after being hit by a car during the Kansas City Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys game.

After FOX4 started asking questions, the organization said it was making short term changes for a safer fan experience.

During any home game, you can find the 49-year-old with a group of tailgaters, the Tequilagators, but this Sunday Nelsen was at home recovering.

“It was pretty shocking to all of us because we knew it was a dangerous situation to be in,” Bill Rusch, a member of the Tequilagators, said.

Rusch said since the beginning of the season, the Tequilagators complained about the designated parking location for buses and RVs. It’s right along Dubiner Drive where traffic flows frequently.

“It gets a little dicey especially on the way out when everybody is trying to get through there,” Rusch said.

After Nelsen was injured two weeks ago, Rusch said their complaints were finally heard.

The Tequilagators and up to five other buses were accommodated on a first come, first serve basis Sunday.

They were able to park in a different spot, away from the street for this week’s game.

The Chiefs said they also added more marked and flagged pedestrian crosswalks for fans and also had a police squad car with lights on to encourage safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic during peak times.

“There’s a lot of vehicles that are in the same situation we were in last game,” Chiefs fan John Herron said.

Even though the Tequilagators were accommodated for this game, they’re still worried about people parked on Dubiner Drive and what lies ahead for them at upcoming home games.