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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some Kansas City Chiefs fans said the win against the Washington Football Team gave them some reassurance.

“Obviously you got to stay positive,” Sergio said. “Stay positive its week six. I mean come on. We have 10 weeks left.”

From Chiefs tattoos on their bodies to cheering and screaming at Tanner’s Bar and Grill, Chiefs fans said they’re not throwing in the towel just yet.

“Stop hating,” Sergio said. “Stop hating. Stay faithful. We got this baby. Chiefs Kingdom. Let’s do this!”

After a win against the Washington Football Team the Chiefs now sit at 3-3.

It’s a record fans said the team needs.

“You know I call them my Chiefs,” Latrease Star said. “My Chiefs were feeling it bad a couple of games, but now they pulled it all out and they’re looking and feeling fabulous.”

“I’m very happy about this win,” Jacob Hale said. “You know last week was pretty rough and our defense is still pretty suspect, but I love the Chiefs.”

Even though it’s been a rocky start this football season one thing is for sure.

Chief’s kingdom has the team’s back.

“Where it’s going to get tough at is we might be a wild card, but we’re going to get to the playoffs,” Star said. “We’re going to do our thing in the playoffs and then of course Super Bowl is next.”