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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs came out victorious after a tough home opener against the Cleveland Browns. Fans said this first game back in full swing set the tone for the season.

One family traveled from Iowa to watch the game — a house divided. 

Dad has been a Browns buff since he was a boy, but his wife and daughter are tried and true Chiefs fans.

“Sorry dad, the Chiefs are going to win the browns going to lose,” Halle Heying said. “Honestly, I feel bad for him. I feel bad.”

“I picked [the Chiefs] because it was the first NFL game I was at,” wife Beth Heying said.

Week one of NFL football marked many firsts for Chiefs fans — including Sydney Keating’s initial experience in the kingdom.

“I have never in my life seen a stadium like this or even a tailgate like this and I’ve been to many tailgates in my life, and nothing is like this energy,” Keating said. “Every single person is excited to be around every single person . There’s not judgement – it’s only love.”

Luna Sauza, 8, has lots of love for her favorite player.

“Mahomes,” Sauza said, “Without him the team would basically be like a normal team because Mahomes makes it pretty much feel like they’re pretty much going to win.”

Fans admit, they were nervous up until the fourth quarter.

“I’m getting a little old for games like this,” Scopp said, “However, I’ll take it!”

Bill Scopp said the defense showing up in the final quarter made the difference.

A QB sack by Chris Jones and a botched punt by the Browns kicked the Chiefs into high gear.

“People were a little discouraged for a bit. We had a couple of big plays that just set everyone off,” Nicholas Daniel said. “It’s like a hive mine. Everyone is just kind of like one. It’s a mazing – kind of like a family.”

That’s when the crowd took it to the next level in decibels. 

“It was really loud in the last series for them,” Scopp said, “as loud as I’ve heard it in a long time.”

No matter which team you claim all these football fans tend to agree on one thing.

“It’s just great to have people back in stadiums after last year,” Browns Fan Ken Heying said, “People together gathering like this, what a blast.”

The Chiefs hit the road to take on the Baltimore Ravens Sun. Sept. 19, 2021.