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WASHINGTON — More than a year and a half later, doctors have cleared former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to play again, ESPN reports.

Now in Washington, Smith has been on the sidelines and rehabbing since suffering a gruesome injury in November 2018

He broke his right tibia and fibula and needed multiple operations. The injury was so serious it nearly cost him his leg, but he’s always said he hoped to play again.

And now ESPN’s Stephania Ball reports that Smith has received clearance for full football activity. He’s going through COVID-19 testing and on Monday expects to report to Washington’s training facility for a team physical.

That’s when Washington will determine Smith’s next steps, including eventually participating in training camp. His contract with the team runs through 2022.

“For me, all eyes are on practice,” Smith told ESPN. “That’s the next step. I have to go prove to myself and certainly to everybody else that I can go practice.”