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INDIANAPOLIS — Former Kansas City Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy is once again commenting on offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy after cameras caught a visible disagreement with quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

As the broadcast of Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts headed to halftime, Mahomes and Bieniemy were seen arguing, which after the game was deemed to be about deciding to run the clock out, instead of trying to score.

“Shady” McCoy commented on a video of the argument that was posted on Instagram.

All bieniemy does is argue wit the players .. KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT passing or PLAY CALLING


This is not the first time McCoy has sounded off on Bieniemy.

In May, McCoy appeared on a podcast and said he was not surprised as to why Bieniemy was not hired as a head coach during the offseason.

“Some players, he talks to them a certain way and some players would take it. I wouldn’t take it. There were some questions I would ask, because everyone is accountable,” McCoy said.

After Sunday’s game, Mahomes addressed the incident saying he wanted to try to score, but the coaches decided to go to halftime.

“I wanted to go try to score. That’s just who I am,” Mahomes said. “The smart decision was let’s just go to halftime but I’m always gonna wanna score and I pretty much just said ‘Let me have a chance at it.’ Then [Bieniemy] was just like, ‘Let’s get back in our locker room and we’ll get something going for the next half.’”