KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many Kansas City Chiefs fans awoke Sunday morning with a nervous energy and hours to go before Super Bowl LVII kicks off.

Derrick Johnson, former Chiefs linebacker, said he did too, now identifying with how fans feel before a big game.

“I can’t believe I have butterflies this morning. I’m like what is … I’m not playing!” Johnson said during an interview with FOX4 Sunday morning.

The Chiefs legend played in Pro Bowls and playoff games during his 13-year NFL career and joined the show to explain what the current Kansas City Chiefs players are experiencing Super Bowl Sunday.

“Definitely a little bit nervous, little bit anxious, very confident because we’ve been through this before. That’s a good problem to have,” Johnson said.

The former Chiefs star says the team set a goal of reaching the Super Bowl before the season ever started, so this is just the next step toward that goal. Johnson says the team hasn’t lost sight of it.

“Even though I don’t play anymore, being a fan, coaching from the couch, I should say. Being able to bleed red. Man, I’m so proud of the guys. We’ve got a good group of high-character guys. I’m really proud of the product we’re putting on the field today,” Johnson said.

He went on to say that the most memorable part of his career with the Chiefs is playing games at home inside Arrowhead.

“It’s not just one moment that really sticks out, but just being able to walk out on the field and feel the energy of the sea of red. Being able to be in Arrowhead Stadium it is something you have to experience especially being a player,” Johnson said.

There are thousands of Chiefs fans attending Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., Sunday. They plan to bring as much of that “12th-man energy” to the game as possible to help the Chiefs win a third championship.