FOX4 talks with legendary groundskeeper George Toma from Miami on his birthday

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MIAMI — Kansas City legend George Toma is making sure the field inside Hard Rock Stadium is ready for the big game Sunday night. He was hired as a minor league groundskeeper at age 12, worked in the Cleveland Indians organization, served in the Korean War, then returned to his profession.

Toma remembers Super Bowl IV and the Kansas City Chiefs’ world championship field in New Orleans.

“And that year we didn`t have much time. Six days. It rained. Hard to grow grass, so I took wood chips and sawdust. Painted it green and we put it on there,” Toma recalled.

FOX4 spoke with Toma on Sunday morning, which also happens to be his birthday. He and the Morning Show crew chatted about the grow lights at Hard Rock Stadium, what type of grass is best equipped to withstand an NFL game, and whether natural or artificial surfaces are superior.

While we did wish Toma a happy birthday, he shared the kindest salutation as the interview wrapped: “May all your fortunes be as numerous as blades of grass… and then some!”

Toma turned 91 years old on Sunday.

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