KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From watch parties to new gear, Chiefs Kingdom is ready. Fans spent Wednesday preparing for the Kansas City Chiefs’ home opener against the Detroit Lions.

“We really try to be the home away from Arrowhead here at the Kansas City block for all Chiefs games,” said Jason Bradley, KC Live director of entertainment production.

KC Live is hosting a watch party in the Power and Light District. The watch party is free, but reservations are available to secure a table.

“It’s really hard to replicate Arrowhead, but if you’re going to try it’s great to have a 5,000- capacity outdoor venue with a 40-foot LED screen and sound system,” Bradley said.

Several other bars across Kansas City are also hosting crowds for Thursday night’s game.

But first, Chiefs fans are busy grabbing new gear to kick off the start of the season.

“I prep the store every day,” said Kristina Gann-Albright, owner of Shananigans in Shawnee. “I’m here at 8 a.m., drop the kids off to school, and I’m arranging, unboxing and meeting my vendors up here.”

FOX4 walked in to Shananigans during the lunch hour, and it was packed with people shopping.

“It’s a hot mess,” Gann-Albright said, “and I’ll tell you, Chiefs fans aren’t just fans, they’re family.”