From the food to the drum deck, here’s what’s new at Arrowhead Stadium for 2019

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  It’s victory Monday for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team is 2-0 looking toward the home opener at Arrowhead this Sunday against Baltimore.

FOX4 got a look at how crews are getting the stadium ready to go from the new seats to the new food.

“It’s kind of like children, you can’t choose a favorite one,” Executive Chef Leo Dominguez said.

Arrowhead is introducing new and delicious concession items for the 2019 season that do not disappoint.

“Here we have a couple of our new desserts,” Dominguez said.

Why not start with dessert when they’re offering a Churro S’mores Sunday and Jumbo Ice Cream Sandwich dipped in chocolate. While you might keep those for yourself, Dominguez says a big piece of this menu is shareable items like the Jumbo Burrito Bowl, Pretzel Nacho Bites and Gridiron Nacho Grande.

“It’s definitely enough for sharing, enough for a family and is served in the box and the box does close up so you can kind of take that out to the stadium in your seat” Dominguez said.

Dominguez believes the spicy sausage with a cool cream cheese will be the fan favorite. There’s a front runner among the new merchandise at Arrowhead, too.

“Anything with 15 on it seems to be a fan favorite these days,” District Manager with merchandise Tim Witkowski said.

The hype ranges from “Mahomie” t-shirts, socks and head bands to BBQ aprons and the all new yellow jersey.

“A ton of exclusive Pat Mahomes stuff here, all the 60th gear that you can only get at the store from polos to shirts to pullovers to bumper stickers to dog bowls.”

Witkowski said this layout is only a taste of what’s you can find throughout the stores at the stadium and what they plan to roll out next.

“Imagine wearing a sock with Travis Kelce on a horse leading the charge,” Witkowski said. “It’s some crazy stuff that you see and just as the year progresses just to see what people latch on to.”

Arrowhead is going to look a little different when you walk inside for Sunday’s game, too. Crews completed three major construction projects in the last six months.

The upper bowl suffered some water damage, so crews first water-proofed the concrete in that area. Then they replaced about 32,000 seats. From the seats, you’ll also notice the new west scoreboard that went up. It’s 150 feet long and 37 feet tall. The new scoreboard will give you an even better view of your favorite chiefs players on the arrowhead field.

“Right now, it’s probably the leading technology in the NFL,” Vice President of Operations and Facilities Brandon Hamilton said. “It has both HDR technology and 9,000 nit technology, which has to do with the brightness so that we can fight noon games on Sundays and make sure that the image is clear.”

Just below that scoreboard, you’ll see the new spot dedicated to drum ceremony. They removed about 200 seats to make room for the standing room only section. This Sunday, Jamaal Charles is the drum honoree.

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