ODESSA, Mo. — You don’t need too much to enjoy a Kansas City Chiefs game, just a comfy chair, a beverage if so inclined, and a TV.

Oh yeah, and electricity.

That’s the issue for fans who live in Odessa, Missouri. They’ve been notified by the city and Evergy that their area will experience a planned power outage from midnight to noon Nov. 5.

Marty McDermed, at a local barber shop, said he immediately made the connection.

“‘Wait a minute. That’s a Sunday.’ So I looked. I was checking to see if they had an early game or a late game,” McDermed said of the Chiefs schedule.

“Oh, it’s an early game,” McDermed said.

“Well the thing is, most people haven’t put it together yet that the games at 8:30 in the morning,” said Paula Summers, who also lives in Odessa. “‘Cause we never play football at 8:30 in the morning — unless we’re in Germany.”

Summers said she, like others in town, are now strategizing how to watch the Chiefs vs. Dolphins game. She said at least one family member is planning on getting a generator.

The repairs, according to Evergy, are particularly difficult to reschedule. Workers are scheduled to rebuild a transmission line using multiple crews, permits and coordination with the railroad company to get the job done before colder weather.

At the Broken Dollar Saloon in Odessa, they’re not typically open Sundays. Owner Tina Peersom said they’re making an exception for Nov. 5.

“Yeah, I got a generator coming,” Peersom said.

“I know I can keep the beer cold. Pretty sure I can have at least two TVs going. Not sure I can have the kitchen going. I mean, I think that needs more power than my generator will produce,” Peersom said.

“I mean, 8:30 in the morning — who doesn’t drink during that time of the day?” she said to the laughter of surrounding customers at the bar.

“I’m planning to be extremely bored,” McDermed said.

“But the timing, apparently they don’t pay any attention to what goes on in the world because their timing is miserable,” he said.