KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Less than a week before our Kansas City Chiefs take the field, a metro organization is selling Chiefs gear to give back.

The plan has been in the works for some time.  

Shirts, towels, jerseys, luggage, you name it, it’s here. And that’s because of generous donations and a plan by Lynn Harris, the General Manager at the Goodwill on North Oak in Kansas City, that started last year.

“Chiefs takeover, our store has saved everything, donated in the last year, and we put it all out today,” Harris said.

“It all goes to our mission, which is Goodwill Industries, and it all stays in our city. That’s the most wonderful thing about our mission.”

That mission is job assistance, placement, and career training, preparing people for the workforce. 

88 cents of every dollar they make goes toward furthering knowledge, education and employing people. Their services are all completely free. 

That’s what Saturday was about—helping people and doing it by reaching those across the city through something that’s a fan favorite around here: the Kansas City Chiefs. 

And Chiefs Kingdom is embracing them.

“When everybody was out here waiting, we had at least 40 people waiting at 10 o’clock, and when they’re coming in, they were all hooping and hollering ‘Go Chiefs!’ It was amazing,” Harris said.  

There is still an opportunity to join in.

They are promoting this Saturday and Sunday but will have all these items on the floor until they run out.  

For more information, can go to their website.