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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs fans around the world are rallying behind the team as they head to the Super Bowl, but no one will be cheering harder than Patrick Mahomes family, especially his father Pat Mahomes, Sr. He said he wouldn’t miss this game, even if it were being played on Mars.

When Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes runs on to the field at Arrowhead, Pat Mahomes is always looking on. 

“Wherever he is, he knows I’m going to be there,” the elder Mahomes said. 

In fact, he often live-streams a bit of video from the game for family, friends and the fans back home in Texas. 

“I try to see the introductions and first few plays of the game just to make sure they know that we love their support and give them a little peek.”

Pat Mahomes flies in every weekend from Texas. He hasn’t missed a home game all season. He texts his son before every game, and he talks to him on the phone afterwards, always with a positive message.  

“I tell him, ‘Players make plays, and I love you,'” Mahomes Sr. said. “That’s our thing we’ve had since he was 7 or 8 years old. I tried to reinforce it every game, whether it was two games a week in baseball or basketball or one game a week in football. I try to make sure he knows that I’m in his corner. I’m going to be there. And as long as he does the best he can, he will never hear a gripe from me.”  

As a former big leaguer who played in the 2000 World Series when the Mets faced the Yankees, Mahomes Sr. knows competition at the highest level of sports. Now, he coaches an elite boy’s baseball team in Texas. 

He is also excited for Patrick and his fiancé Brittany Matthews to become parents. It will make Pat a first-time grandfather.   

“It’s going to be crazy. I imagine there will be a few tears once she is born,” he said. “Any time you see your children achieve milestones and goals, and for him to be a father… I know he is going to be a good one.” 

Christmas came just days before the Chiefs sealed their top seed in the playoffs. The night of the Chiefs victory over the Falcons, the Mahomes family got together to open presents. Patrick gave his dad a shiny little token from his Super Bowl victory. 

“He gave me a ring. I have added that to the wardrobe when I go to the game. Very special. Very emotional. I’m just glad that he thought enough of me to include me in that part of me.” 

It was a culmination really, of all the youth baseball, basketball and football games Pat was watched his son succeed in. All the way to NFL Draft Day and last year’s Super Bowl. 

This year has been different. COVID-19 playoff protocols and restrictions have meant Pat hasn’t seen Patrick face to face in more than a month. But that doesn’t stop the bond between father and son.

“We understand. He waves at me in the booth, and he knows we are there.”