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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs are back in the playoffs, and the hype is big.

After finishing the season with a franchise record 14-2, fans are excited to see their team battle for another Super Bowl title.

If you want to snag a photo to commemorate the moment, here are some of the best places around Kansas City to do so.


Kansas City is a city of murals, and several of them depict the Chiefs. There are even a couple new ones since last year!

Whether it’s a full devotion to the team or a sneaky reference found within the overall artwork, here are some places you can find Chiefs picture opportunities around town.

  • 1701 Main Street (Crossroads): Freshly painted on the side of Tom’s Town Distilling Company, this “Chiefs Kingdom” mural features stars Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu. The art was unveiled the Monday ahead of the team’s first 2020-21 playoff game.
  • 1330 Grand Boulevard (Power & Light): Created shortly after the Super Bowl victory in the beginning of 2020, This “Champions” mural depicts the famous “Jet chip wasp” play. You can see it on the south side wall of McFadden’s and Shark Bar, across from No Other Pub.
  • 509 E. 18th Street (Crossroads): Found on the side of Made in KC, this is the newest edition to the mural scene. Even more, it’s got two parts to it, a mostly red part and a mostly yellow part, so you can have the right contrast to match any Chiefs-themed outfit.
  • East 18th and Locust streets (Crossroads): Found on the east side of Grinders and within walking distance of several other non-Chiefs murals, this artwork features a non-descript football player and a big “Kingdom” arrow.
  • 114 W. 5th Street (River Market): All Nations Flag Co. Inc. is now sporting a new Chiefs mural. It’s mostly a massive “Kingdom” arrow, but there’s also a Chiefs helmet and other small illustrations done in several different shades of red.
  • Ale House at 4128 Broadway Blvd. (Westport): One of the most famous Chiefs murals is a massive Mahomes feature on the side of Ale House.
  • 423 Southwest Blvd. (Crossroads): The “Love Kansas City” mural is more than just Chiefs-centered, but it does contain a little Chiefs football character. This one is perfect for Kansas City appreciation in general.
  • 81st Street and State Line: This one is on the side of a Subway and is another example of a Kansas City-themed mural containing a Chiefs player. You can find the depicted athlete in the very first letter, “K.”
  • Picture of the "Champions" mural at Power & Light
  • chiefs mural toms town crossroads
  • Picture of Made in KC Chiefs mural
  • Chiefs mural picture
  • Southwest Boulevard mural
  • River Market mural
  • Mahomes mural Ale House
  • State Line mural

Downtown vantage points

The downtown skyline is lit up red to celebrate the Chiefs, and the lights are likely to remain that way as long as the team keeps winning. Here are a few places that will give you the best views of the skyline in all of its Chiefs glory.

However, most parks observe a standard close from midnight to 5 a.m., so don’t try to snag a picture if you’re out during this time.

  • Penn Valley Park: Famous for The Scout statue, this is one of the best views of downtown looking north from the south. It’s also very close to Signal Hill, so if you’ve ever seen our live stream shots of downtown, your view from Penn Valley Park will be very similar.
  • Liberty Memorial Park: The WWI Memorial and Museum is another great view of the city looking north from the south. It’s a little closer to downtown, and if you’re already at Union Station grabbing pictures, this spot is only a short walk away. COVID-19 has changed some things, but you should still be able to snag a ride to the top of the monument. They’re open until 5 p.m., so if you’re lucky, you can get a shot of the red downtown as the sky turns dark.
  • Observation Park: This park looks on downtown Kansas City from the west looking east. The main access to the park is by sidewalk on Holly Street both at West 20th Street and West 20th Terrace. Street parking is available, but this is a residential area, so make sure you are respectful of the neighborhood if you visit.
  • Kaw Point: This park is actually open 24-hours most days. It offers a rare, clear view of the city from the water’s edge at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. If you catch it on a clear, windless night, the water’s reflection only adds to the city lights.
Picture of downtown KC lit red

Other festive locations

A few other spots downtown make for great selfie locations. Whether it’s a picture with a new banner or just with a little red in the background, here are some locations you won’t want to miss.

  • Grand Avenue: From Washington Square Park all the way north, the major downtown thoroughfare is lined with new light pole banners that celebrate the city. Colored red and yellow, they read “CITY OF CHAMPIONS,” celebrating both KC’s history of winning sports teams and frontline workers during the pandemic.
  • Union Station: The folks at the train station showed up to celebrate last year, and this year is no different. Giant marquee signs cheer on the Chiefs just inside the doors on the eastern side. Outside, “RUN IT BACK” and Chiefs logo banners hang in the windows. At night, the station is blanketed in red light. It’s truly a sight to behold.
  • Crown Center Plaza: Workers here got into the marquee sign game early on this year, reading “CHIEFS KINGDOM.” They have since been taken down, but Crown Center social media promises more exciting installments. There are also red fountains, so that’s fun.
  • Picture of Chiefs run it back sign at Union Station
  • Red fountain Facebook cover photo