'I think he can beat this one': NFL Network host talks up 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo over Mahomes

Pictures of Garoppalo and Mahomes
Pictures of Garoppalo (left) and Mahomes

MIAMI — An NFL talk show host is hyping up 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, saying he’s better prepared than Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“You know who I think really is going to surprise people on Sunday? Jimmy Garoppolo, how good he is,” Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt said on the show. “Tell me someone who’s better prepared than Garoppolo?”

Brandt pointed out that the San Francisco quarterback has more passing touchdowns than Mahomes, a higher completion percentage than Mahomes and more yards per attempt than Mahomes. It’s all true.

Garoppolo has 27 passing touchdowns, and Mahomes has 26. Garoppolo also has a 69.1 completion percentage and 8.4 yards per passing attempt, where Mahomes is at 65.9 percent and 8.3 yards respectively.

Brandt failed to mention that Mahomes still has a higher passer rating, ranked 105.3 to Garoppolo’s 102. Part of that, no doubt, is Mahomes’ slightly higher total yards and low interception count, 5, compared to Garoppolo’s 13. Mahomes has also evaded getting tackled better, only accounting for 17 sacks. Garoppolo had 36, which is more than double.

Brandt mostly stuck with hyping up the two quarterback’s passing game. What about the run?

This is especially where Mahomes shines. Even though Garoppolo has more rushing attempts than Mahomes, Mahomes more than tripled Garoppolo’s total rushing yards and nearly quadrupled his average yards per carry.

All of these stats are all dependent on a key factor — Mahomes missed two games out of the season on a knee injury. Garoppolo didn’t. All of his stats come from a full 16-game season, and even then, he barely edges Mahomes out on some passing statistics.

Co-host Peter Schrager wasn’t as sure as Brandt. Schrager said, as long as the Chiefs offensive line keeps Mahomes safe, he will be unstoppable.

“If Mahomes doesn’t get touched, they have no shot on Sunday,” Schrager said.

The Super Bowl will air on FOX4 on Sunday, Feb. 2 at 5:30 p.m. CT.

See Brandt’s comments at 11:45 in the video player. Can’t see the video? Click here.



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