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ANAHEIM, Calif. — Kansas City Chiefs led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes won a second Super Bowl in four years.

So, now what?

Mahomes was named MVP of Super Bowl LVII, so he’s going to Disneyland!

“Luckily I’m going to Disneyland now. So I have Disney World and Disneyland crossed off and hopefully they’ll make some more parks so I can go around and everywhere, do a world tour,” Mahomes said following the Super Bowl.

This time he’ll have two kids to take with him to the amusement park. The first time Mahomes visited he and wife Brittany didn’t have children.

Mahomes will also be featured in a new national TV and social media ad where he tells everyone he’s “Going to Disneyland.” It’s a Super Bowl tradition that began in 1987,

After a day at Disneyland Resort in Southern California, Mahomes and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs will have a Championship Parade and Rally to enjoy in Kansas City.