KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s victory Monday, and some Kansas City Chiefs fans are still celebrating overseas in Germany where the Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday

Kenneth and Shirley Harlin said Chiefs Kingdom brought Arrowhead Stadium to Germany. The Kansas City couple were in Frankfurt for the game on Sunday.

“It was actually like…” Kenneth said.

“…being at Arrowhead,” Shirley said finishing Kenneth’s sentence. 

“Being at Arrowhead, exactly,” Kenneth said. 

From seeing the Chiefs take on the Chargers in Los Angeles to playing the Jets in New York, now the Harlins can cross off Frankfurt, Germany, too.

This was their 21st stadium as they follow the Chiefs on away games.

“It didn’t matter where it was or when we were going,” Shirley said. “So when we heard they were playing in Germany, we knew we were there.”

At his first away game in Indianapolis, Kenneth scored a touchdown ball. 

“All the home games I had been to, I had never gotten a touchdown ball,” Kenneth said. “So my first away game, I got a ball. So I decided well, you know what, I might be on to something here. So I started going to away games.”

This 4,700-plus mile trip to Germany is by far their longest journey yet. 

Shirley said over the years, she’s learned that Chiefs fans travel well, and the Kingdom reaches far and wide. 

“We met Chiefs fans from London that came to the game, really from all over the world. Their fanbase is amazing,” Shirley said. “It’s really growing, and it’s not just Kansas City obviously. They have to feel the love of their fans.”

They said the stadium got loud when former Chiefs player Tyreek Hill fumbled the ball. The Chiefs recovered it, and Bryan Cook took it all the way to the house for a touchdown.

“We gave the Dolphins fans a taste of what Arrowhead is like,” Kenneth said, “and it had to have been like being at home again for Tyreek — hearing all the chanting and everything.”

The Harlins aren’t headed home quite yet. Before the game they were in Switzerland. Now, they’re in Paris, making it a vacation. 

They said Victory Monday makes this Chiefs trip that much sweeter. 

“It’s just a dream come true,” Kenneth said. 

The Harlins hope this is the first of many international games for their family. 

“The Chiefs really have a loyal fan base, and all the red in that stadium yesterday was just amazing. And they just have to come out and see it and see the people and think, you know, we want to play for them,” Shirley said.

“It was like being at Arrowhead. I don’t think any other team could brag on their fans the way the Chiefs could.”

Next, the Harlins would love to see their Chiefs play in London.