KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After an exciting comeback victory in the Wildcard round and years of losing seasons Jacksonville Jaguars fans have followed their team to this weekend’s Divisional round matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Some wandered into the Power and Light Rally House in their shorts and leopard print deck shoes. But admitted that might be more difficult with colder temperatures and a wintry mix expected Saturday.

“If we win I might decide to thrown on some shorts walk around show off the tattoo,” Brian Camp said.

Fans seemingly blissfully unaware of what analysts are expecting on the field and FOX4 meteorologists are expecting could be swirling in the air.

“Do you have a coat for the snow? I asked Justin Moore.

“Snow? What’s snow? Go Jags,” he said.

Averyian Kultalasti, 6, a Chiefs fan from Colorado hopes freezing precipitation might give the Chiefs an advantage over the Jaguars.

“They might slip,” he said.

Some fans unable to find Jaguars winter gear in the heart of Kansas City improvised buying Missouri Tigers apparel instead saying it resembled the Jaguars.

Middle school science classes taught us Jaguars are solitary animals. But Friday night they formed a wild pack inside Johnny’s Tavern where the chants of “Duu-valll” echoed throughout.

“We don’t get this opportunity a lot so when we do the city unites,” Todd Cummings said.
“We love it man, it’s electric, we’re trying to take that W back to Duval,” other Jaguars fans said.

In a sea of black and teal members of the Bold City Brigade one fan bravely represented Chiefs Kingdom.

“How about those Chiefs!” he shouted.