Jeopardy! contestants drop the ball on Andy Reid question


Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid talks to the media about upcoming training camp, and the differences with COVID-19 challenges.

CULVER CITY, Calif. — Contestants were clueless on Jeopardy! when they were presented with a picture of one of Kansas City’s most famous faces.

“After 21 seasons as a head coach, in 2019, this Kansas City Chiefs leader finally got to enjoy the last game of the season,” guest host Katie Couric read on the show.


Despite the many hints within the question, no one could guess who’s image was dominating the video board during the March 9 episode.

“Not football fans?” Couric asked.

The distinguished coach is no doubt among the greatest in football history. He is the only coach to lead a team in hosting three back-to-back AFC championships, twice. He also led Kansas City to its first Super Bowl in 50 years, and then he repeated that the next year.

Reid has also curated a distinct image. He is known by his glasses, mustache and wardrobe, which tends to vary between Chiefs gear and Hawaiian shirts. Granted, the picture provided on the game show showed him in a suit.

“Maybe they would’ve recognized him with an Aloha shirt?” independent NFL reporter Dov Kleiman tweeted.

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