KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Aaron Rodgers isn’t done talking about vaccines with Travis Kelce.

The injured New York Jets quarterback took a jab to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end when reviewing the Jets’ Week 4 loss, calling Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” during his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

“You know, Mr. Pfizer (Kelce), we kind of shut him down a little bit. He didn’t have, you know, his like crazy impact game. Obviously, you know, he had some yards and stuff,” Rodgers said.

Kelce is a spokesperson for the company that produces a COVID-19 vaccine, recently starring in a new ad campaign.

Kelce responded with his own comments.

“I thought it was pretty good. I mean, with this ‘stache right now, I look like a guy named Mr. Pfizer,” Kelce said. “Who knew I’d get into the vax wars with Aaron Rodgers? Mr. Pfizer vs. the Johnson & Johnson family over there, man.”

“I got it because of keeping myself safe, keeping my family safe, the people in this building. So yeah, I stand by it, 1,000%, and I’m fully comfortable with him calling me Mr. Pfizer.”

In 2021, Rodgers made headlines when he spent weeks refusing to give his vaccination status during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and claimed he was “immunized” on the same show. He also contracted the virus while playing for the Green Bay Packers during the 2021 season.

“Health should not be political,” Rodgers said that year on The Pat McAfee Show.

On Tuesday during Rodger’s weekly appearance on the show, he challenged Kelce to a vaccination debate — calling for Kelce and former Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci on one side and Rodgers and 2024 independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the other side.

RFK Jr. is known for promoting anti-vaccine misinformation and public health-related conspiracy theories. 

“Mr. Pfizer said he didn’t think he’d be in a vax war with me. This ain’t a war, homie. This is just conversation,” Rodgers said.

“If you wanna have some sort of duel, debate, have me on the [New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce] podcast. Come on the [PMS] show. Let’s have a conversation.”

Rodgers alluded to the action movie John Wick 4 as his inspiration for the players to have a partner in the debate.

The former Green Bay Packer has been vocal about using alternative methods for health treatment and has been one of the most vocal NFL players questioning the COVID-19 vaccine.

The 39-year-old tore his Achilles tendon four plays into the first game with his new team and is out for the season, which gives him ample time to go back and forth with Kelce on any topic.

But Kelce may be a little busy for this debate as he attempts to play on a sprained right ankle against the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football.

The 34-year-old injured his ankle near the end of the first half in the Chiefs’ win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. He returned to the game and scored a touchdown as well as being the leading receiver on the team in the game.