SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster had an interesting answer to a question of why the offense was clicking on Sunday.

In a 44-23 win over the San Francisco 49ers, Smith-Schuster led a phenomenal performance through the air with seven receptions, 124 yards and a touchdown.

The 25-year old receiver said the chemistry between the new receivers started in the offseason when they all got together in Texas and in training camp.

But what really helped push them over the edge on Sunday was apparently playing Warzone on Call of Duty together.

“It’s really hard to win a game in Warzone in Call of Duty,” Smith-Schuster said.

Smith-Schuster said on Friday, he played Warzone with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The group won all three of their matches together and he said that helped bring their offensive weapons closer together.

“You could just tell the communication between all of us and the chemistry was just like we were in the game.”

Warzone is a battle royale game mode on the first-person shooter video game Call of Duty. In Warzone, players can play solo or in groups of up to four people to eliminate other teams and be the remaining team standing.

Communication is paramount for team success.

Smith-Schuster’s love of video games is widely known; he often streams himself on various social media platforms playing Call of Duty or Fortnite, another battle royale shooter game. Smith-Schuster also owns a gaming organization called Team Diverge.

Mahomes said he and Kelce don’t play as much as Smith-Schuster and Valdes-Scantling, but they played well enough to win some games and see it translate to the field.

It certainly helped seeing how Mahomes threw for 423 yards and three touchdowns while Kelce caught six balls for 98 yards.

“We went three for three with three wins in Warzone which I don’t do often. They might, but I don’t, so I felt pretty good about it going into the game,” Mahomes said.

“When you get away from the facility, you’re doing kid-like things and you’re on the headset talking and joking around and talking about the week. It kind of gets your mind off of just football and it’s about building those relationships. It’s definitely cool to kind of see these guys on the game outside the facility.”

Smith-Schuster also acknowledged another video game, Madden 23, when talking about how Mahomes is an X-Factor. The X-Factor setting in Madden enhances the play of star players to help them take over the game.

“You ever played Madden and the X-Factor is on the quarterback? Bruh they had that on Pat today and it was like fire.”

“He’s on his X-Factor let me try to get on mine.”

With the Chiefs on a bye week next week, the group will have time to play more games together if they choose to do so.