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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs headed inside Union Station to escape the snow and check out a new Alpha-Lit marquee display.

The expanded fan zone includes a lot of new photo backdrops and memorabilia. Fans will also experience the royal treatment by walking a massive red carpet in the Grand Plaza.

Huge letters spelling “Chiefs” were moved from a parking lot at Arrowhead to Union Station where they are more accessible to fans.

Many fans visiting Union Station Thursday said it was the perfect way to spend the snow day and warm up, just like the Chiefs are warming up for Super Bowl LVII in sunny Arizona.

“We thought it was a snow day and a perfect day to get out, give the kids some extra time, they’re on a snow day from school. We thought we’d come down once the roads cleared a little, check it out while it wasn’t crowded,” Debra Doering said.

The people in charge of running the landmark said that’s why displays like the Chiefs Fan Zone are located there.

“Well, you know when Union Station is the visual voice of Kansas City, this is where we celebrate. We have kids from all over the region coming and wanting to celebrate and take historic pictures,” George Guastello, President & CEO of Union Station, said.

Union Station has more surprises planned leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl, including a special Red Friday Rally that starts on KC Streetcar and ends in the Grand Plaza. Friday’s rally starts at 3 p.m.