KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs safety Justin Reid makes a big investment in Chiefs Kingdom.

Reid and his JReid Indeed Foundation dropped by Central High School near East 33rd Street and Indiana Avenue Monday afternoon.

Reid presented a $15,000 check to the school during his visit.

The money will be used to cover competition fees for the school’s robotics team. It will also help the high school buy things like high-speed laptops, smart boards, tools and other equipment the robotics team needs to successfully compete.

“It’s always important to me to put a footprint in every community that we go to. I’m just excited to be a part, a puzzle piece, in fitting into where we can go to help out the next generation of young stars coming leave their footprint in the world for years to come,” Reid said.

Last year Central High’s robotics team went to nationals. This year, the team is a Top 40 team in the bistate area.

“We’re really excited about what the robot does,” Ericka Mabion, KCPS CTE Coordinator, said.

The team fired up the robot and showed Reid how it worked. Then the coach presented Reid with a t-shirt and made him an honorary member of the team.

While some Chiefs fans may be surprised that Reid is helping the robotics team at the high school instead of a metro football team, Reid said it’s all part of the foundation’s plan.

“Going from Louisiana and the public school I went to, we didn’t have anything like a robotics team. When I went to college at Stanford, it was mandatory that every student there took a coding undergraduate course. When I first got into coding, I felt a little bit behind because I wasn’t prepared for it. But as I got into it a little bit more and stuck with it, I found out that not only was I kinda good at it, I actually really enjoyed it,” Reid said.

He said he’s excited to help students stay motivated about something they are passionate about while also helping provide them with something that will prepare them for life.

Reid launched the JReid Indeed Foundation in 2022. It focuses on Technology, Nutrition and Athletics in underserved communities in Louisiana, Houston, and Kansas City metro areas.