KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Could the Kansas City Chiefs could be breaking out their white-on-white uniforms once again this season?

The Chiefs have already confirmed one half of the fan-favorite uniform combination.

In a tweet Tuesday, the team shared a video with the caption, “Just a preview.”

In the video, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes can be seen brushing off his white No. 15 jersey. Mahomes then points to this year’s Super Bowl LVII logo in the top corner of his jersey.

It’s the first time since Super Bowl I that the Chiefs will wear their white jerseys in the big game.

But the real question: What color pants will the Chiefs be wearing?

With the Chiefs being the designated “away” team this year, the Philadelphia Eagles got to pick their jerseys first. They’re wearing the traditional green jerseys, so it’s not surprising that the Chiefs are in white.

But now fans on social media are hoping the Chiefs will pull out the rare white-on-white uniforms — instead of the traditional white jersey and red pants — for the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs wore the uniform combination earlier this season in their Week 11 primetime win over the Los Angeles Chargers. They also went white-on-white twice in 2021, leading to a dominant 41-14 win over the Las Vegas Raiders and a 34-28 overtime win against the Chargers.

But before that, you have to go back to 2018 for the last time the Chiefs have worn this icy uniform option. In that game, the Chiefs lost 54-51 to the Rams in one of the highest-scoring games in NFL history.

Overall, the Chiefs have a 17-13 record in the 30 times they’ve worn white-on-white uniforms since 2000, according to the Gridiron Uniform Database.

Even if they select red pants, teams wearing white jerseys have won 36 of the 56 Super Bowls, but the Chiefs and Eagles have both won Super Bowls wearing non-white jerseys.

If the Chiefs do select white-on-white uniforms for Super Bowl LVII, will the team’s recent winning streak continue?