KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As the big game approaches, clothing stores across the Kansas City metro are trying to keep up with the demand.

At Shannaigans, busy is typical.

“We’re like this as soon as the season starts every Thursday Friday Saturday it is a hot mess in here,” said Kristina Gann-Albright, owner of Shananiganns.

Make no mistake about it, their unique clothing ideas get more popular as the Chiefs playoff run goes deeper.

“We have lines out the door going both directions as soon as we open every day. Why are we so busy let me tell you why we have the best team in football in the United States and if you don’t know you should probably tune in on Sunday,” she said.

They’re finding a way to keep their customers satisfied. At Rally House, doing that means calling in reinforcements.

“It’s been nonstop so the fans are ready to get their new gear. We actually fly in people from other markets to support the stores. Right now, I have help from Chicago and Cleveland to help get the products out faster,” said Chelsea Pletke, senior store manager at Rally House’s flagship location.

Rally House will be open right after the super bowl is over and will stay open until all of the super prints are sold out. That of course if our Chiefs come out on top.