KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs fans likely remember the high stakes of the “Mayor’s Bet” blowing up in the face of Cincinnati’s mayor. But some bets really are more about pride than money.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, mayors, art museums, zoos, even district attorneys are getting in on the friendly wagers between Kansas City and Philadelphia.

But what we’re seeing now is a little more modesty leading into the big game.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas switched up his wagering restaurant, offering up Gates Bar-B-Q and other Kansas City memorabilia from Charlie Hustle, Boulevard Brewing Company and The Roasterie.

It’s not the only wager in town.

The Kansas City Zoo is betting with the Philadelphia Zoo on the game’s outcome. The winning zoo will make the loser dress an animal statue in the other team’s apparel.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is also getting involved, making a bet with a museum in Philadelphia. The winning city will get to show off something from the other city’s art collection.

But again, it’s little more than mild barbs being traded compared to the words thrown around ahead of the AFC Championship.

“I had to chance to talk to talk to Mayor [Jim] Kenney just a little while ago — good man, good team, all of that,” Lucas said of Philadelphia’s mayor. “I ain’t starting no trouble with bets ’cause mayors are there to be fans and supporters and sell all the good stuff about our city.”

“Most of us were nervous watching the championship game at the end,” Lucas said. “Defense made the big stop, special teams stepping up late this year — those are the sorts of things that make me think any type of betting line, betting on an offensive matchup ain’t calculating it right.”

A funny thing about these bets is that Lucas never seems to know what the opposing side is betting.

The mayor’s score prediction is 27-24, a Kansas City Chiefs win of course.