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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Tailgate crews from Kansas City are also working to ‘Run it Back’ in the state of Florida as the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for their Super Bowl championship sequel.

Ribs, sausage, brisket, burnt ends, it will all be on the menu near Tampa. If you know the right place to go.

Richard Fergola, owner of KC Grilling and founder of the competition BBQ Team Fergolicious, also tailgated in Miami during Super Bowl LIV. The event brought together the people of Arrowhead South, who are self-identified Kansas City Chiefs fans who live in Florida.

This year he is helping plan another event in St. Petersburg, Florida, less than a half hour away from where the Super Bowl will be played.

Fergola will once again team up with Rub Bagby of Florida-HQ’d Swamp Boys BBQ. In an interesting twist in their partnership, Bagby revealed he has been a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan since the team was founded.

“You know, the even bigger rivalry is Kansas City barbeque or Florida Barbeque. I know you got all those [grand championships] and I got mine. we’re going to have to test that out again aren’t we?” Fergola said while speaking on the phone with Bagby.

“Well I’ve been thinking about that and you’re going to think it’s corny but you’re kind of like Mahomes and I’m kind of like ‘the goat’,” Bagby responded, referencing Tom Brady.

Rub and Richard served barbeque to nearly 3,000 people the weekend of Super Bowl LIV. This time around they hope to do bigger numbers while also considering COVID-19 restrictions.

“And we’re actually in [Al Lang] stadium. So we’re going to be on turf and everybody is going to be social distanced across the field. There’s a huge jumbotron to watch the game on,” Fergola said.

Bagby said he is prepared for some trash talk coming from the Kansas City fans.

“Totally, totally, I just hope they’re ready to take it back,” Bagby said.

“If they’re getting food from you, they tend to like you so I’ve got that going for me. And if they weren’t playing the Bucs I would totally be cheering for them. But I’ve been a Bucs fans since day one,” Bagby said.

“All we’ve got to do is go down there and take care of business. We’re going to take care of ours and they’re going to take care of theirs,” Fergola said.