KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two sisters from Kansas City are looking for the pair of women who comforted them in an impossible time during last year’s AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Krista Belladonna was at the January 30, 2022 game with her sister, Caroline. 

As it was going into overtime, Krista received a text from the hospice center taking care of her father instructing her to call them.

Their father, Captain William Meyer, a former Marine fighter pilot turned TWA pilot, passed away. 

Immediately, memories of sitting on her dad’s lap as a little girl watching Len Dawson washed over Krista. 

“I ran down to the women’s restroom not expecting the news that my father had passed,” Krista said.  “And that is what they said.  And I collapsed on the floor.  And there were these two women there who came over and helped me.”

Krista said the women helped her find Caroline and stayed with them for comfort.  She joked the husbands of those women had banished them to the bathroom for good luck for the Chiefs.

Almost exactly one year since this traumatic event, and featuring the same opponent, the memories are inescapable.  Krista and Caroline want to find the two women from Section 321 and thank them.

“You helped get us through one of the most difficult times I’ve ever had in my life, and you knew enough to recognize someone in pain and do everything that you could to help us,” Krista said. 

“And I do believe it’s all of Chiefs Kingdom, and I felt it when we walked out.”

Krista will be watching this year’s AFC Championship in Chicago where her husband’s band, Anthrax, is performing.