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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in a news conference on Tuesday that his relationship with Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the team starts with honesty.

“Tell the person the truth, whether it’s a positive with their personality or play, or a negative with their personality or their play,” Reid said in a virtual Q&A on Feb. 2.

Reid is known across the league as one of the best football coaches, both in his demeanor and the product of his work. He’s the only head coach to lead a team to host three conference championships in a row. He also did it twice, first with the Eagles, 2002-2004, and now with the Chiefs, 2019-2021.

“It’s no different from how you’d raise a child or a marriage or any relationship with another human being,” Reid said. “I think if you just keep it open and real, I think that’s the best way to roll with it. That’s how I’ve done with Patrick.”

Reid said if there’s no honest communication, getting across to players becomes much harder.

“I’m in the business where these guys want to be the best,” He said. “The thing I’ve found with great players is they want you to give them one more thing so they can even be greater.”