KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kelce brothers could have a passionate Kansas City Chiefs fan on their popular podcast, but he’s also wanted for a bank robbery.

On Friday afternoon, Jason and Travis Kelce invited Chiefs superfan “ChiefsAholic” on their New Heights podcast.

“Chiefsaholic, I don’t know where you are, but my brother and I would love to have you on @newheightshow to tell your story,” Jason Kelce tweeted. “We will go wherever, and disclose nothing for the sake of journalism.”

ChiefsAholic, whose real name is Xaviar Babudar, is currently wanted on a $1 million warrant.

The Tulsa County (Oklahoma) District Attorney’s Office said Babudar removed his ankle monitor and skipped a court hearing Monday morning.

He was charged with removing an electronic monitoring device, and a warrant has now been issued for Babudar’s arrest. If found, he will be held on a $1 million bond.

This new legal trouble comes after he was arrested and charged in a December bank robbery in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, while allegedly on his way to a Chiefs game in Houston.

He was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and assault while masked or disguised.

Who is ChiefsAholic?

Immediately following his arrest, he told the Tulsa County Court he was homeless and couldn’t afford to pay for an attorney to represent him in court.

While Babudar doesn’t seem to have a home permanent address, Chiefs fans report Babudar has consistently attended NFL games for years.

While Chiefs fans loved the guy in the gray wolf costume, complete with mask, Chiefs shirt and shorts, no one seemed to know ChiefsAholic’s true identity.

Many fans FOX4 spoke to, who tailgated with ChiefsAholic, never saw him out of costume or his mask.

ChiefsAholic was such a constant at both home and away games, fans became concerned when Babudar didn’t show up in Houston for the Chiefs-Texans game on Dec. 18, 2022, as he told other fans he planned to do.

Babudar lived his ChiefsAholic persona in the limelight, but it wasn’t until several days after the Chiefs game in Houston that fans discovered why Babudar missed kickoff.

Oklahoma Bank Robbery

Babudar didn’t make it to Houston because he’d already been in an Oklahoma jail for two days.

Police arrested Babudar Dec. 16, 2022, outside of a Tulsa Teacher’s Credit Union in suburban Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Witnesses told officers the suspect pointed a gun at an employee’s chest and told the employee to open the vault, demanding the $100 bills inside. The arrest report says the gunman told the employee if they “did not open the 100s he would put a bullet in the employee’s head.”

According to the report, the suspect, later identified as Babudar, stuffed a large amount of cash into a bag and left the bank.

The charging document accuses Bubadar of wearing a paintball mask and using a CO2 pistol to threaten two credit union employees with a firearm during the crime.

It also shows Bubudar left the credit union on a bicycle. Officers arrested him in a neighborhood less than a mile from the credit union.

The arrest report shows Bubudar had a backpack with him at the time of his arrest. Officers found a paintball mask, ski goggles, gloves, green jacket, green sweatpants, black shoes, a black CO2 pistol, and a bag with a large amount of cash.

Officers reported Bubudar refused to cooperate during his arrest. He would not provide officers with his name or any other information about himself.


Babudar told the court he couldn’t afford to pay for his legal defense and asked for a public defender.

The application showed Babudar is homeless, doesn’t have a job and hasn’t worked since 2020, yet could afford to pay $8,000 to be released on bond Feb. 8.

As part of the bond requirements, Babudar was required to wear a GPS-monitored ankle bracelet. He also had to stay in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, until the bank robbery case is resolved, according to court documents.

But a case manager received an alert that the monitor’s strap was tampered with and had possibly been removed on March 25 around 8:30 p.m.

A day later, the case manager found the electronic monitor in a wooded area in Tulsa. The affidavit shows the strap had been cut.

Babudar was not in the area of the electronic monitor and has not been located.