Andy Reid brags on Tyrann Mathieu's playing ability and leadership both on and off the field

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MIAMI — While speaking with reporters Wednesday on how his team is preparing for Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Andy Reid said Tyrann Mathieu has been everything he thought he’d be and more this season.

“We had heard he was a good leader–he’s a great leader,” Reid said. “He’s a phenomenal person. He’s overcome a whole lot of things.”

Reid said the 27-year-old safety is a solid part of the team’s success, and people love to be around him.

The Chiefs’ head coach said Mathieu gives his all on every play, it doesn’t matter if it’s practice or just a game.

“I joke we have this key and this cage, and we just unlock the cage and let the badger out man, on gameday,” Reid said with a chuckle.

Mathieu has 471 career tackles, 9 sacks and 17 interceptions.




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