• Mahomes finds Kelce in the end zone to win the game, 42-36.
  • GOAL TO GO! Mecole Hardman takes a crossing route inside the 10, Chiefs looking to advance to the AFC Championship.
  • McKinnon takes a screen and turns it into a gain of 18. Chiefs are in Buffalo territory, they win the game if they score a touchdown.
  • Mahomes shows off his athleticism, firing like a shortstop deep in the hole to find Kelce for a first down.
  • Byron Pringle secures the catch, but is stopped in his tracks short of the line to gain, brining up a 3rd and 1.
  • The Chiefs win the toss, will get the ball with a chance to win.
  • Butker’s kick is good, the game is tied at 36, and headed to overtime.
  • Kelce with a huge catch down to the 31, and the Chiefs will have a chance to tie. 49 yard field goal attempt coming from Harrison Butker.
  • Tyreek Hill to the 44, Chiefs still alive with 8 seconds to play.
  • Chiefs get the ball at the 25 yard line, 13 seconds to play, needing about 35 yards to get in field goal range.
  • The PAT is good, Buffalo leads 36-33 with 13 seconds to play. The Chiefs have 3 timeouts.
  • Gabriel Davis with the game of his life, scores for the fourth time tonight and the Bills have the lead.
  • Throw to Emmanuel Sanders has Buffalo in the red zone. First down at the 19, 17 seconds to play.
  • Once again, it’s Gabriel Davis, who gets a catch and run down to the Kansas City 47. 49 seconds to play.
  • Tyreek Hill with a catch and run for the ages, scoring to give Kansas City a 33-29 lead.
  • Travis Kelce gets the catch for a third down conversion. Chiefs still have three timeouts, 1:13 to play down three.
  • KC has three timeouts and 1:54 to work with. Butker is 1-2 on field goal attempts tonight, and a missed PAT has kept four crucial points off the board
  • Gabriel Davis jukes Mike Hughes to the turf, is wide open for the go-ahead score. Allen extends the two-point play, finding Diggs in the back of the end zone to give Buffalo a 29-26 lead.
  • Chiefs defensive line makes a big time play, forcing Allen to dump the ball to Singletary for a seven-yard loss. It’s 4th and 13 at the two-minute warning.
  • Allen with a highlight-reel escape to keep Buffalo’s drive alive. 1st and 10 on KC’s 24, 2:40 to play.
  • Chiefs stuff a designed Allen run on 3rd and 6, bringing up a 4th and 4.
  • Allen again on 3rd down, takes a naked bootleg to the left and picks up a first down. Bills driving, on the KC 36 with 4 minutes to play.
  • Allen calls his own number, taking a QB draw right up the middle for a first down just past midfield. Charvarius Ward hurt on the play.
  • Bills convert on short route to Cole Beasley, keep the ball moving in their territory, less than 7 minutes to play.
  • Frank Clark makes a big play to keep Josh Allen at by on an option run, brining up a 3rd and 3 with less than 8 minutes to play.
  • The Chiefs fortunate to recover a fumble, then don’t fool the Bills defense with Blake Bell running the option, Kansas City settles for a field goal to take a 26-21 lead.
  • Tyreek Hill with a huge return after offsetting penalties forced Buffalo to retry a punt. The Chiefs are knocking on the door, on the Buffalo 16.
  • SACK! Jarran Reed brings Allen down on 3rd and 15, Kansas City will get the ball back with less than 12 minutes to play, looking to extend a 23-21 lead.
  • Allen scrambles his way away from trouble, gives the Bills some breathing room on a pass to KC’s 25.
  • The Chiefs fail to convert a key third down at midfield, Mahomes had Pringle but the ball bounced off his hands on 3rd and 4. Townsend punts and the Bills take over inside their own 10, 13:26 left to play in regulation.
  • Josh Allen and the Bills won’t go quietly. Allen fires a missile down field, finding Gabriel Davis deep for his second score, the Bills exploit Tyrann Mathieu’s absence. It’s 23-21 with 1:56 left in the third quarter.
  • Mecole Hardman scoots all the way down the sideline for a 25-yard touchdown score. Butker misses the PAT, it’s 23-14, Chiefs lead late in the third quarter.
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire gashes the Bills defense for 20 yards, the Chiefs are at the Buffalo 25, 1st and 10.
  • Mahomes moving the offense efficiently, finds Kelce for a first down at midfield.
  • Kansas City gets the ball back after a decent Mike Hughes punt return. Chiefs up 3 with the ball on their own 39, 4:49 to play in the third quarter.
  • Chiefs defense trips up Buffalo on 3rd and 2, forcing a fourth down and Buffalo is lined up to punt.
  • Butker sneaks in a 39 yard FG inside the right upright to give the Chiefs a 17-14 lead.
  • Mahomes scrambled for a first down, but the Chiefs commit their first penalty, a holding call that forces a 3rd and 18. He scrambles again to make Butker’s FG attempt more manageable.
  • Kansas City is on the move…. a third down conversion followed by a nice second down gain gives Chiefs a first down at midfield, looking for the lead.
  • HALFTIME: Kansas City: 14 — Buffalo: 14
  • Harrison Butker is no good from 50, Chiefs and Bills are tied at 14 at the half. Kansas City will get the ball to start the third quarter.
  • Another clutch throw to Travis Kelce has KC in field goal range, 1st and 10 with 11 seconds in the quarter, ball on Buffalo’s 32.
  • Kansas City looking for quick points: A penalty precedes a big throw and run to Tyreek Hill, Chiefs on Buffalo 44 under 20 seconds in second quarter.
  • Allen beats the blitz, finds Gabriel Davis for a touchdown. 7 plays, 75 yards in only 1:15 makes it 14-14 with 37 seconds to play in the first half.
  • Allen continues to do damage with his legs, moving the chains in Chiefs territory, Buffalo gets a first down on KC’s 18.
  • Allen finds Cole Beasley for a big play to midfield, Bills driving under two minutes in second quarter.
  • Mahomes with incredible improvisation in the face of pressure, finding Byron Pringle before he’s sacked to give Kansas City a 14-7 lead.
  • Patrick Mahomes passes Russell Wilson for most postseason passing yards in first 5 seasons in NFL history
  • Chiefs get a first down on a Buffalo penalty. Holding in the secondary gives KC new life, goal-to-go on the 6.
  • Jerick McKinnon with a physical run after the catch to convert third down in the red zone. KC has the ball 1st and Goal at Bills’ 8.
  • Clyde Edwards-Heliare makes it four consecutive first downs on the last four plays. KC at Buffalo’s 21.
  • Mahomes with a trio of excellent throws, first Kelce, then Pringle for a first down, then a vintage sidewinder to Hill for another first down. KC has the ball 1st and 10 at the Buffalo 42.
  • The Chiefs get a chunk play to TE Travis Kelce, Mahomes’ first down throw moves Kansas City to the 35
  • Rookie linebacker Nick Bolton blows up a 3rd and 2 running play, forcing Buffalo to punt on 4th and 4.
  • Defense may be facing another injury as the training staff attends to defensive lineman Jarran Reed.
  • Chiefs say Tyrann Mathieu is OUT and is in concussion protocol
  • The Chiefs fail to convert a third down inside their own 5-yard line, but avoid a disaster two plays earlier on a tipped pass near the goal line. Tommy Townsend flips the Bills back on their side of the field, Buffalo has a first down on the 43 with 10:31 to play in the second quarter, game is tied 7-7.
  • Melvin Ingram with the first big splash play on defense. He gets to Allen, forces a fumble that Buffalo recovers, the Bills punt down to the Chiefs 1-yard line.
  • The quarterbacks continue to make huge plays on the ground. Josh Allen scrambles for a first down on 3rd and 1, Bills close to the Chiefs 40.
  • BILLS: 7 — CHIEFS: 7 (2:26 to go in first quarter)
  • Mahomes’ third scramble is the best, converting another third and diving for the pylon, the Chiefs tie the game at 7 in the first quarter.
  • Mahomes dances around the Buffalo pass rush, gaining 7 yards on another scramble. Chiefs in red zone at Buffalo 13.
  • Mahomes scrambles for 35 yards on third down, taking Chiefs to Bills’ 26.
  • Chiefs say Mathieu being evaluated for a concussion
  • Tyrann Mathieu is going to the locker as the Chiefs prepare to get the ball on offense for the first time.
  • BILLS: 7 — CHIEFS: 0 (8:03 to go in first quarter)
  • Buffalo converts its second 4th down conversion, Devin Singletary taking a toss two yards for the first score of the game. Tyler Bass’ extra point is good.
  • Buffalo is driving inside the five-yard line with a goal-to-go situation as Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu gets attention in the blue medical tent.
  • The Chiefs forced a 4th and 2, but Josh Allen scrambles for the first down into Kansas City territory.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs win the ball and defer, the Buffalo Bills will begin with the ball.


The Kansas City Chiefs have an opportunity to host a fourth-consecutive AFC Championship at Arrowhead Stadium next weekend with a win in the Divisional round against the Buffalo Bills. FOX4 will provide continuous updates on this page throughout the game and provide postgame coverage here, during FOX4 News at 9 and 10, and during FOX4 Sports Sunday.

This will be the fourth time that the teams have faced each other in the past two seasons, two of the matchups being in the playoffs. Last season, was for a ticket to the Super Bowl; this year’s winner could be going to the Super Bowl as well.

Here are several things to watch for in Sunday’s game.

Mahomes and Josh Allen are the new premier quarterbacks of the AFC and this is a budding new rivalry in the NFL.

In Week 5, the Bills dominated the Chiefs 38-20. This week, they’re ready to show how they have turned a 180 from that game.

The defense also worked on how they will defeat Josh Allen this go-round.

While the Chiefs’ defense is getting ready, the Bills’ offense is preparing for the Chiefs’ pass rush starring Chris Jones.

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes have several playoff records that could be continued in this game.