Mahomes and Mathieu address Black Lives Matter video; plan to use their platform for change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes shared the same thoughts of many.  He then was part of a video release with plenty of players saying Black Lives Matter.
“I can’t watch the entire George Floyd video, through and through, I’ve watched it in parts, but it hurts me too much in my soul,” Mahomes said. “I know I have this platform, I know not everyone will agree with it, but I’m going to do my best to make the world a better place and this is the right moment to do it.”
For the Super Bowl MVP the video message was a call to action. 
“That stuff needed to be said, we needed to come together as a group, as players and show that we believe that Black Lives Matter,” he said.
Mahomes mentioned he listened to people like his father, a former pro athlete himself and also his Godfather, LaTroy Hawkins, but still admits he’s learning as well.  
“I’m 24 years old, so I’m still maturing and learning things as I go, but I’ve learned a lot from people like my Dad, Latroy Hawkins and Coach Reid,” Mahomes said. “I feel I have a great perspective of how people feel, how black community feels about how they don’t feel they get the same rights and values in some situations.  So, my job, having my platform is to do whatever I can to bring those feelings to light.”
Tyrann Mathieu was also in the video .. he says this is the time to make sure the message of not accepting racism sticks.
“It’s been going on a while, most of us would consider this the second time.  The first time a lot of us didn’t speak up.  I think right now, collectively, everybody wants to see everything push forward.”
Andy Reid said the organization will push forward by helping Mahomes and Mathieu with an initiative to help with voter registration programs
“If we can make voting cool. If you can make that a trendy thing, than we’re really changing the future.

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