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LUBBOCK, Texas — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes came to the defense of his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, after they were spotted sitting courtside at a Texas Tech basketball game on Wednesday.

Barstool Sports posted a video and a blog post about the interaction between Mahomes and Matthews, saying that the two were arguing as they tried to cheer on the Red Raiders who were playing the Baylor Bears.

The camera captured a moment in which Mahomes takes his arm from around her shoulders and speaks to Matthews. She then turns to the couple sitting next to them and says something and gives an expressive facial reaction.

She then looks up at the scoreboard and starts clapping, while Mahomes stares forward.

Lip readers on social media have tried to figure out exactly what is being said, but it may never be known for sure.

The criticism of Matthews didn’t seem to sit well with Mahomes. The Chiefs QB is not particularly active on social media, aside from the occasional sports commentary, hype video before a big game or advertisements, but he posted in her defense.

“Man people are weird… love you babe,” Mahomes tweeted while tagging Matthews.

Matthews responded to her fiancé by returning the sentiment.

The couple aren’t strangers to the spotlight. Mahomes is a former NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP and has been regarded as one of the league’s top quarterbacks since he became a starter in the NFL.

Matthews played professional soccer overseas and now is a co-owner of the Kansas City Current. She is also active on social media, which has drawn more attention to her, even some unwanted for her behavior during Chiefs games.

Almost every offseason, the couple can be seen sideline at Texas Tech basketball games as they cheer on Mahomes’ alma mater.