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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have a record-breaking connection on the field for the Chiefs. But what if the quarterback and tight end had to choose spirit animals for each other?

Well, that question was posed to both during media day — and the answers, not surprisingly, drew laughs.

“Travis, man, it’s got to be something funny,” Mahomes said. “I think he’d be like a giraffe. He’s kind of just out there grazing around the field, trying to make something happen. Finding different things he can run around and do stuff with anything. He’s always a good time.”

Kelce was taken aback by Mahomes’ choice, saying he always thought of himself as more of a tiger.

“What is a giraffe good for other than eating trees?” an exasperated Kelce said. “What does he do? Does he run away from danger? I guess they do have a nice head whip as a weapon. I’ve got to do my research on giraffes now so I don’t sound silly.”

When told that the quarterback chose a wolf for himself, the tight end had another suggestion.

“I think he’s got a little frog in him, man,” Kelce said, laughing. “He’s already got the voice of a frog. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get a kiss from a princess and turn into a knight. Who knows, man? That guy’s nuts.”

Cheeseburger time?

The question was just one part of the fun during Monday’s media day.

Members of Chiefs Kingdom know that head coach Andy Reid loves a good cheeseburger. After last year’s AFC Championship, Reid said he took a minute to celebrate with a cheeseburger before going to bed.

And when speaking about the team getting their Super Bowl LIV rings, Reid said he uses his for a special purpose.

“You wear it for special occasions, or if you want a free cheeseburger, you point right there and show them the ring and you might get one,” he said.

So it’s no surprise that reporters asked the Chiefs coach about cheeseburgers once again on Monday. If the Chiefs win Super Bowl LV, is there another cheeseburger in his future?

Reid said second Super Bowl win in as many years might call for something even more special.

“I gonna need a double cheeseburger if that happens,” he said.

Let’s go racing?

And Chiefs star Tyreek Hill said he wants to be the Super Bowl halftime show.

Hill said Monday he’d be willing to race Tampa Bay receiver Scotty Miller during intermission at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday.

“Someone line that up for us,” Hill said.

Miller raised eyebrows last week when he said he believes he would win a one-on-one footrace with Hill, considered one of the fastest players in the NFL.

“I’m taking me every day of the week,” Miller told The Dan Patrick Show. “I’ll take me over anybody. Tyreek is unbelievable, super quick, unbelievable talent. But if we’re talking about a race, I’ve got all the confidence in myself going up against anybody.”

Hill was given several chances to challenge Miller’s assertion during a virtual media day, but he declined each time.

“I feel like Scotty answered that question the right way,” Hill said. “I feel like if someone asked Luke, ‘Hey, Luke, are you faster than Tyreek? Or, hey, Rob, are you faster than Tyreek?’ Your answer should be, ‘Yes, I’m that confident in myself that I’m faster than Tyreek.’ That’s any man.

“So Scotty answered that question the right way. But do I think he’s faster than me? I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe we can do something during halftime or something like that. Someone line that up for us.”

Hill came close to tipping his hand, though, when asked about any NFL cornerback being able to cover him.

“For me to just sit here and say someone can keep up with me would be, you know, I don’t know,” he said. “But I feel like in my heart no one can keep up with me. I’ve ran track. I’ve ran Olympics. Somebody in the NFL, nah, I don’t really believe so.”