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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes has run through the NFL like a hot knife through butter, and tomorrow he can add another Super Bowl to his resume.

If the Chiefs win Sunday, Mahomes will be the first Black quarterback to lead his team to multiple Super Bowl victories.

Black quarterbacks, once thought too dumb to play the position, now lead the way. 

Of the six pro-bowl quarterbacks selected this season four are Black or biracial, but one shines the brightest. 

Since being named the starter, Patrick Mahomes has made the NFL his sandbox. 

He is 44-9 as a starter and is the youngest player ever to have both a Super Bowl title and a league MVP award.

This Sunday he can set another record not just for himself, but for all Black quarterbacks.

“I think it’s a real special day, and probably something that doesn’t get talked about enough.” Jamar Mozee, Head Coach at Lee’s Summit North, said.

Mozee remembers when Black quarterbacks were denied opportunities to play.

“Because you just didn’t see it and I’m a strong believer that it’s the truth of what somebody’s thinking.” Mozee, said.

Many think that a win tomorrow will make Patrick Mahomes the undisputed face of the NFL. 

Mozee said other Black quarterbacks like Michael Vick and Russell Wilson have come close but none have reached that height. 

“This is something different. This is something different,” Mozee said. “This is a guy that’s leading, he does stand up for his community, he can really play, and he can lead. He’s the total package.”

Dorthy Hines, African American Studies professor at Kansas University says, win or lose tomorrow is a historic moment.

“To be able to kind of live out and see Patrick Mahomes making history in sports in real time, in my lifetime, that actually means something.” Hines said

Doug Williams, the first black quarterback to ever win a Superbowl, summed up Mahomes’ meteoric rise perfectly. 

He said, “Mahomes is the one everybody, no matter what [color] you are, is chasing now.”