PHOENIX — No news is good news when it comes to planes taking off and landing, but there was some minor surprise when the Kansas City Chiefs arrived in Arizona without any kind of coordinated outfits after many wore Hawaiian shirts to honor Andy Reid on their way to Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters on Tuesday that he did try to rally support behind one idea.

“We thought we’d try to think of something, we didn’t want to go back to the Hawaiian shirts because that’s already been done. I was trying to get the guys to get the fake mustaches like Coach Reid drew on me on the plane, but I couldn’t get enough guys to do it,” Mahomes said, referencing one of his State Farm commercials.

“We just ended up rolling how we usually roll, we’re always having fun. It’s always a business trip to us, we understand what’s at the top of mind, but we like to enjoy while we’re here.”

Coach Reid steals the show in the commercial where he lobbies an agent for a special rate, getting too personal when he shares that he likes to draw mustaches on players’ faces when they’re asleep on the team plane.

Reid explained earlier this season that it took a bit of convincing to get him on board.

“Pat asked if I would do it with him, and I told him I’m not very good at that stuff as you guys know doing these things. It was a fun thing. It was good to see how people treat Pat,” Reid said in October.

On the topic of commercials, the conversation with Mahomes turned to what life might look like after football, and whether he sees himself as a future owner.

“Obviously I would love to, I’ve been able to be in the ownership of other sports. I’m going to try keep climbing that ladder, but I’m going to need a lot more money, I’m going to have make sure I find a way to get some more money, going to have to film some more State Farm commercials,” he said.

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