KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After being head coach of the Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy is back in Kansas City as quarterbacks coach and senior assistant coach of the Chiefs.

He’s seen some things change since he left, like Patrick Mahomes’ growth from when Nagy coached him his rookie season to Mahomes now 6th season in the league.

“To come back 4-5 years later and see in that room how much Patrick has grown, it’s amazing,” Nagy said Thursday. “It gives me chills to talk about it because I know his ceiling is even higher.”

Nagy said he learned from his head coaching experience in Chicago, where he led the Bears to a 34-31 record in four seasons.

“You know you have highs and lows, and you learn and you have so many hats that you put on,” he said. “A lot of the failures that I had, I’ve tried to use to the best of my ability to make me better.”

What hasn’t changed is the relationship he’s had with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

“There’s no friction of jealousy or any of that going on,” Reid said Thursday. “I didn’t think there would be, and there hasn’t.”

“It’s been great having him back here. He’s been a great ear,” Bieniemy said. “With him having the experience here, obviously a lot of the things we’ve done, he’s familiar with it, so it’s been fun and exciting.”

The Chiefs are currently going through OTA practices. Their first preseason game is scheduled for Aug. 13 in Chicago, so Nagy will face his former team right off the bat.