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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Last season, Matt Nagy finished his tenure as head coach of the Chicago Bears, as he was let go from the team. Now his first game as quarterbacks coach (again) of the Kansas City Chiefs will be at the Chicago Bears.

“I’m so used to being on the home side, on the home sideline in the home locker room coming out,” Nagy said. “It’s different, I don’t know how I’ll feel.”

Of course, this time will be different in another way, too. He’ll have Patrick Mahomes on his sideline once again. Nagy’s had a front row seat to Patrick Mahomes’ progress. He was there when he was a rookie and now a 6th-year pro.

“When you walk into a room for the first time and you see him in a meeting room and he’s sitting there having four different conversations, three of them are about football and one is off to the side on something else, you see his growth, his leadership,” Nagy said.

“When he’s out there on the football field, it’s just wild to see what type of leader he is, he’s rare.”

Of course, when asked if it was like riding a bicycle with pairing back up with Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy, he said there’s no egos.

“Coach Reid has a culture and the way he does things, and we all follow. EB has been amazing at this job, it’s neat to see, he’s grown a lot. And he helped me out. So now, we’re a team, we work together, we help each other out. It is kind of like riding a bicycle, but at the same time, we’re all in this for one reason. Zero egos and we’re here to win,” Nagy said.

So Saturday afternoon, Matt Nagy returns to Chicago, this time on the visiting sidelines and hopes to come out with a win.