Media blitzes Miami with thousands of journalists converging to cover Super Bowl LIV

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MIAMI — After a week of practice at home, the Kansas City Chiefs arrived in Miami on Sunday, and so have reporters from all over the world. The Super Bowl is a media goldmine, with 6,000 credentialed journalists on the global stage, ranging from networks to local affiliates.

FOX4 found David Sakata on Monday, who represents the ESPN of Panama, sports network COS. His job is to feed stories to a hungry Panamanian football following.

“The NFL has really become a global game and Panama is not out of that. We`re fans of the league,” Sakata said.

Of course, the US audience is huge, too. Radio and TV stations and networks haul in miles of cable and hundreds of people. The media onslaught is big for a booming Miami metro that last hosted a Super Bowl in 2010. A lot has changed since then.

“So we`re excited to show the sophisticated growth, culturally diverse city, on a global stage,” Janelle Prieto, a member of the host committee, said.

Global indeed, but in Panama, the Cowboys, Dolphins, and even the Chiefs foe San Francisco, are the kings.

“The Pat Mahomes era is going to grab some, I`m sure it will happen. But mostly the Niners. Niners have a lot of followers. They`re coming out. Now more than ever,” Sakata said.

Watch the game on Super Bowl Sunday on FOX4. Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m., with coverage all day long ahead of the game.

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